1. Appropriate diet and nutrition.
  2. Adequate, effective, and intelligently applied exercise on a regular basis.
  3. Adequate rest and relaxation.
  4. Cultivation of a positive mental attitude.
  5. Maintenance of a properly functioning nervous system.


These Keys can be evaluated and addressed at Calvert Chiropractic to ensure an optimal state of health for you and your family.

Health can be achieved and maintained when you maintain lifestyle habits that cultivate optimal function. Do not wait for symptoms of disease to manifest, then use a band-aid approach that merely masks pain without addressing the causes.

Treatment Methods

The most important process of your treatment is the initial examination. It is during this process that the underlying cause of your complaint is identified. This is done by taking a thorough history, postural analysis, gait analysis, neurologic exam, and orthopedic exam.

Treatment sessions typically consist of spinal manipulation of any joint restrictions found during the initial exam. To accomplish this there are several techniques at my disposal from traditional adjustments with my hands to gentler techniques that do not involve a "pop" sound. As mentioned above, much time is devoted to correcting any muscular dysfunction with gentle stretches, specific exercises on floor mats or gym balls, and special exercises on rocker and wobble boards if needed. Traditional treatment options such as ice, moist heat, electric muscle stimulation, manual traction, and ultrasound are also at my disposal.

Nutritional counseling and ergonomic advice is offered as well. Please feel free to call or e-mail us with any additional questions you may have.